HawkEye Media LLC | Aerial Photography
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Aerial Photography

HawkEye Media specializes in low altitude aerial photography. We use a portable mast which extends up to 50’ to give us an elevated perspective for our close up jobs. Between 50 and 400 feet, we use one of our rc helicopters. For jobs above 400 feet we use a local pilot and aircraft or helicopter to get us where we need to be.


The advantages of our low level aerial photography services are the ability to get an elevated perspective of an object, without being restricted to photographing it from 1000 feet away or more.


Aerial photographs make an impact! They provide an oblique view which just isn’t possible from ground level. Aerial photographs can show access routes and neighboring developments. They’re especially great for showcasing property on or near water, such as lake front property, property overlooking a river, etc.