HawkEye Media Prices

We sell Quality, Service and Dependability in that order. We get paid to produce the highest quality with the least amount of hassle, the first time, every time.

We charge a premium to do that.

There are a lot of skilled amateurs who’re willing to cut corners, charge less, and willing to do the bare minimum. We understand we’re not a fit for every budget. We’ll try to meet your expectations and provide easy and transparent pricing. Every project is different and we’ll need to discuss your project to put together an accurate quote to meet your scope and detail. The prices listed on this page are general quotes to give you an idea about how we quote our jobs.

We do travel outside of the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex for additional fees.
While we try to post what our general rates are, every project is unique.

Give us a call at (817)422-2415 to get a free custom quote


Aerial Photography

$450 Aerial Obliques in Dallas / Fort Worth, one location.

$200 Each additional location

$150 – Monthly progression shots in the DFW area. Requires multiple flights and usually flown on or around the first of the month.

Drone Aerial Photography:

  • $325 for low altitude oblique’s in the DFW area
  • $200 Each additional location

Aerial Videography

Drone Aerial Videography:

Inspire 2 with X5s camera, 2-man crew, providing RAW footage

  • $2500 Day Rate
  • $1500 Half Day Rate up to 4 hours, $300 for each additional hour

Phantom 4 Pro, single operator

  • $1500 Day Rate
  • $800 Half Day Rate up to 4 hours, $200 for each additional hour

Professional Photography

Photography Day Rate – $800

  • 4-8 hours on site. Editing Included. Digital Files included.

Photography Half Day Rate – $500

  • 1-4 hours on site. Editing Included. Digital Files included.

Additional Hours – $150

  • Each hours after the eight hours rate.

Real Estate & Architecture

Residential Real-Estate Photography

  • .20¢/sqft –(minimum $300, half-day)
    Includes drone aerials, exterior, interiors & editing

Residential Real Estate Video

  • .25¢/sqft –(minimum $500, half-day)
    Includes drone aerials, exterior, interiors, editing, and basic graphics with music.

Residential Bundle Photography & Video

  • Residential video and photography bundle ($550 & up)

Base Commercial Real-Estate Photography

  • $500 Half Day. Includes interiors, exteriors & editing

Top Tier Commercial Real-Estate / Architectural Photography

  • $1250 Extended Full Day
    Includes drone aerials, twilight / night exteriors

Commercial Real Estate Marketing Videos

Turn-key commercial marketing package:

  • Includes aerial photographs
  • Complete video package, aerials, exterior, interiors, animation & graphics package and music
  • $1000 per finished minute (minimum $2000)